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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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our job is to -- is to try to anticipate the next attack. not simply react to the last one. >> some passengers entering the u.s. from overseas will have to prove their electronic devices can power up tour gadgets won't be allowed on the plane. the tsa is boosting security amid new concerns terrorists are plotting to blow up an airliner. they did a hell of a job to save this place. >> firefighters are making progress batting the monticello fire near lake berryessa in yolo county. the fire is now 30% contained and it's burned more than 6,000 acres since friday night. jay how fast something can turn. how your life can just change. instantly. >> a southern california man is talking about his encounter with a great white shark. it attacked during a morning swim near manhattan beach. fellow swimmers and paddle boarder had to carry the man to shore. from across the bay to around
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the world -- the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> no, it's lined out to arias. >> well, hello hi and welcome back on this monday, july 7th. i'm brian hackney in for frank. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:01. breaking news this morning in the south bay. you're taking a look at live pictures of a two alarm fire burning in los gatos. it's at manresa restaurant on village lane. it's a two star michelin awarded eatery and investigators are trying to determine whether the fire started on the outside of the restaurant but it's now burning in the kitchen and service areas and the crews are now on top of that roof. this is the look at earlier. a last report the dining area was not damaged due to the fire. and firefighters have cut holes in the roof to try to vent the fire out. developing right now, two huge wildfires continuing to burn in northern california. one person is recovering actually after a cal fire bulldozer flipped over while
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battling the monticello fire near lake berryessa. fire has burned about 6500 acres. 30% contained. and about 40 homes are still in danger this morning. the nearby pope valley fire is 85% contained tonight in napa valley. or today. the wildfire in the area has burned about 4300 acres and destroyed two homes since last tuesday. all road closures and evacuation orders though have been lifted. let's check in with elizabeth with look at the morning commute. >> thanks guys and we'll take you to the bay bridge. about 15 minutes ago or even longer now they turned on metering lights and now it is already backing up to the overcrossings. you can see no longer a clear in the fastrak lanes, these are so -- you will be waiting for at least ten minutes or so go tote onto the bay bridge to get onto -- so to get onto bay bridge. if you are hitting the roads, you will hit a few snags. including san ramone southbound
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680 approaching the canyon road. the accident now in the clearing stages. sounds like one lane still blocked there. 35 miles per hour. still a little slow backed up just behind the crow canyon road exit and they have cleared this accident completely off of the freeway now. it was southbound 242 right before concord boulevard. still got some delays though all across your southbound lanes. through the concord area. that's your latest kcbs traffic and another check of your forecast, here's lawrence. all right, we've got some clouds out there both high and low this morning. some dense fog along the coastlines some monsoonal clouds moving up above. so here we go on the slit image you can see the clouds hugging the coast and it is thick out to the beaches. watch out for that. mid to high level cloud a very interesting sunrise this morning and a sunset tonight. temperatures going to be hot this likely be the hottest day of week. 90s even some triple digits well inland. 70s and 80s partly cloudy around the bay. 60s along the coastline with the low clouds and fog and the sea breeze. out there now you can see some of the patchy fog inside the bay. the temperatures in the 50s and
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the 60s. by the afternoon though it's going to get hot in the valleys. 98 in fairfield and livermore 95 in concord. about 84 in san jose. very comfortable cool # 5 degrees with some patchy dense fog in pacifica. that's the latest forecast guys back to you. developing in some airports overseas, people flying into the u.s. are going through extra security checks, tsa is now checking electronic devices. kpix 5's mark kelly live at sfo with what security agents are looking for. good morning mark. >> reporter: good morning brian. tsa is concerned that al-qaeda is making some sort of bomb that current security at airports cannot detect. so the new rule is that when you're going you this security you're doing -- through security, you're going to have to turn on all of the gadgets. that includes laptops and cell phones and tablets as you're going through security. it doesn't apply to everyone. it's specifically for people flying from major airports in europe and the middle east back into the u.s..
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u.s. intelligence officials are concerned the westerners who have traveled to syria and iraq to join the fighting there may try to blow up a plane. now the latest rule takes a good deal of effort to implement. a lot of coordination with foreign airports and tsa. but homeland security says it's well worth it. >> our job is to -- is to try to anticipate the next attack, not simply reth to the last one -- react to the last one. so we continually evaluate the world situation can we know that -- and we know there remain asterias threat to the united states -- a terrorist threat to the united states and aviation security is a large part of that. >> i'm all for it. because when you're on the plane if something happens like that, they're trying to protect us. >> reporter: now have the gadgets charged because if you get to security and you actually cannot turn on your phone, two things are going to happen. one additional screening or two security might actually take the gadgets away and no one
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wants that to happen. live at sfo, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> where would we be without the gadgets? no specific tore tryst threat is prompting that new tsa rule. happening today, the first of four college friends of the accused boston marathon bomber goes on trial. investigators say azamat tazhayakov threw out dzhokhar tsarnaev's backpack after finding out he was a suspect. the backpack allegedly had fireworks that had been emptied of black powder. tazhayakov is on trial for obstruction or justice. rocket attacks and air strikes continue between the israeli military and militants in gaza. the situation is escalating despite the arrests of six jewish suspects accused of murdering a pam stun january teenager. as tara mergenner reports it was sparked by the abduction and murder of three teaches last month. >> reporter: overnight israeli air strikes over the gaza strip killed at least seven members of that miss.
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the attacks came in -- hamas. the attacks came in response to daily rocket fire from gaza militants. following last month's abduction and murders of three israeli teens in the west bank. six jewish suspects were arrested over the wait a second for the kidnapping -- weekend for the kidnapping and murder of a teen. mohammed abu khdeir's family in california says their cousin suffered a brutal and senseless death. >> i was praying he had died before they lit him on firement he's got smoke in his lungs and he was breathing the whole time he was on near. >> reporter: abu khdeir's palestinian american cousin was attacked and beaten by forces, he's now under house arrest. >> they punched me. they kicked me in the face. they made sure i wasn't able to see anything. i wasn't even breathing. >> reporter: the u.s. state department has condemned the beating. but israel's ambassador to the u.s. says tariq was not just an
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innocent bystander. >> he was with six other people. they wore masks and threw bombs and cocktails at the police. three of them had knives. >> reporter: leaders are appealing for calm from both sides as tensions rise. tara mergenner for cbs news, washington. >> hamas vows to avenge the deaths of its members saying quote -- the enemy will pay a tremendous price. a lifeguard drowned during a rescue in newport beach. three people were pulled out of the water yesterday including a couple of children. all of them are said to be in good condition. the 32-year-old lifeguard had jumped into the water off a boat lost his buoy and then went under after being hit by a huge wave. several boles and other -- boats and other lifeguards went into the water to search for him. >> ben was a well respected individual. always a nice guy. he'd always was there to help somebody. he'd give his shirt off his back at any time and always had a spice on -- smile on his face and he was there to help at every single moment. >> this is the first time a
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lifeguard died in the line of duty in the city's 100 year history. start taking job applications online for the first time with the highway patrol. chp will take applications on the internet for four days from 8:00 a.m. today until 5:00 on thursday. all candidates are between 20 and 35 years old, a u.s. citizen, have no felony convictions, and be at least a high school graduate. anybody interested can visit and new this morning, city college of san francisco is suing a cafe. they say bilked the school out of about $130,000. the cafe called bean scene is accused of skipping many rent payments over an eight year period. the clergy stricted the company in june from the mission street campus. allegedly they paid rent in just two of the previous 14 months. college leaders say the eviction shows they are addressing the problem of lax fiscal oversight. time now 6:09.
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a southern california man is talking about his life and death struggle with a great white shark. what he's saying about the attack coming up. >> couple of canadian newlyweds have some unat the timable wedding photos thanks -- unforgettable wedding photos thanks to mother nature. >> will we clear things out today? talk about that coming up. >> and a major injury crash in fremont overnight. still has the stretch of pa say owe padre parkway closed and we'll show you your best alternates and tell you how long it remains closed to traffic after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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her estranged husband don sterling -- donald sterling is fighting it. he is saying she blindsided him and shelly maintains she had to authority to sell under the terms of the family trust. a southern california swimmer says he came eye to eye with a great white shark as the shark was biting his chest. the victim told reporter art baron about the attack off manhattan beach. >> i had a shark surface from the bottom of the water. >> reporter: steven robles of lomeda is recovering a day after a great white shark bit him while swimming in manhattan beach. >> at that moment, i happened to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. >> reporter: he shared these photos of the injuries to his torso and right thumb. >> bit right into my chest. and i felt that crunch right into my chest. and that compression with the teeth coming in my ribs. >> reporter: a fisherman on the manhattan beach pier hooked the great white with his line. >> unfortunately, the shark was agitated by a fisherman up on the pier. >> look at him. right -- look. right in front of him. dude look.
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oh! >> whoever was videotaping it. they were laughing and joking like hey there's this guy getting bit by a shark. ha ha. i don't think they understood what was really going on. >> reporter: moments later, you can hear robles screaming in the water. >> look he's yelling still. >> he got bit. he got bit. >> reporter: robles is no stranger to water. last year he swam from catalina to palos verdes, a 24-mile distance in 13 hours. in his 40 years in the water, he's never encountered a great white shark. >> i would really hope they will make more restrict laws regarding the fisherman in manhattan beach. >> reporter: robles was treated by lifeguards on the beach and his wife glenda says she heard from others the fisherman was throwing chum in the water to attract sharks, an allegation the fisherman denied. >> it's sore. my thumb has no sensation right now. my hands -- my fingers and my thumb. wiggles. but it hurts. >> that's art baron reporting.
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another round of severe weather brought at least 11 tornadoes across iowa. some spots saw multiple twisters yesterday. several properties and homes were damaged but there are no reports of serious injuries or deaths. it's expected to be hot and muggy today again in iowa and then more thunderstorms tonight. and a tornado photo bombed some wedding pictures in canada. the couple was outside in saskatchewan on saturday when the twister apierced in the distance. the photographer posted them online. canada's weather service says two tornadoes touched down about an hour away from the couple's photo shoot. oh when you're in love you're oblivious to the fire floods and tornado -- hurricane. >> you're absolutely right. >> i know does remind me of the same wedding photo from oregon. vineyard so boring, so 2013. all right let's go outside and i'm told we're just getting some video into the newsroom now of this major injury collision it happened overnight. the driver of that truck you
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see there crashed into a tree. now suffering life-threatening injuries, the accident happened on paseo padre parkway and a stretch is still closed between sequoia and peralta until at least 7:00 this morning. chp police actually saying to avoid the area until later on in the morning commute. you can use fremont boulevard as your alternate. thornton or peralta will get you there but again just avoid the scene. because they are still investigating the crash. a live look outside if you're going to the bay bridge toll plaza you will be waiting for a while here as well. it is backed up nearly to the maze at 617. they turned on the metering lights about a half hour ago. cash and fastrak lanes are quickly filling up. crossing the goat a lot -- goat a lot of fog. -- golden gate bridge. a lot of fog. it is still thick we can barely see the cars a little farther north of where the camera. is and southbound 280 coming into downtown san francisco, is now back open. of course they closed that
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stretch of 280 extension over the holiday weekend. and right now it is open between 101 and king street and we haven't really seen any delays on 101 or 280. that's your latest kcbs traffic. more on our forecast as you head to work with lawrence. very fascinating day ahead. a lot of clouds outside right now both high and low and dense fog along the coastline and some mid level clouds in the valley. some of the monsoonal moisture sweeping on overhead today so yeah very interesting as we head in toward the afternoon. still we're going the squeeze in some hot temperatures in the valleys. no getting around that. along the coastline it will be nice and cool though. much cooler weather ahead for everybody. back to normal as we look to the middle of the week. but right now high pressure in control. bringing up some of the monsoonal clouds today. enough of a sea breeze for the fog along the coastline. 40 degrees cooler at the beaches for today. the interior valleys, very hot. 112 in redding. and slight chance of thunderstorms in tahoe if you're going up there. about 88 degrees and 67 in the
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monterey bay. computer models monsoonal clouds continuing to sweep back toward the coast. a sea breeze sweeping on the coast. and the temperatures well, they're going to break down like this. you'll see 60s out toward the beaches. it will be cool there. down in the part of the bay, partly cloudy this afternoon and 80s and even some 90s in toward morgan hill and gilroy. triple digits a real possibility into antioch and brentwood this afternoon. about 97 in pleasanton. then inside the bay about 67 degrees in san francisco. and 72 degrees partly cloudy in alameda. sunrise time today 5:55. sunset tonight is at 8:34 and looking out over the next few days that ridge of high pressure starts to weaken. we'll see more of a sea breeze kicking in if more clouds on the way at least some low clouds and fog that will help to cool down the temperatures back to normal on wednesday and thursday. >> 102 to 60. >> i faux it's amazing what you can do -- >> bay area. >> very unique forecast. all right. >> hey the a's' new pitcher shows why he was such a big deal yesterday.
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and why was the media room at the coliseum so crowded? don't move. ,,,,
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hey good morning everybody. so what's everybody talking about? how about the all-star rosters announced yesterday? madison bumgarner and hunter pence will represent the giants but no team in baseball has more players going to the minneapolis game than the oakland a's. how about six? that's right. six. josh donaldson will start at third base. also going, yoenis cespedes and brandon moss, derek norris, scott kazmir, sean doolittle and new pitcher jeff samardzija was selected as a member of the cubs but can't play because of the trade to oakland. speaking of samardzija.
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he made his a's debut yesterday against toronto and he was awesome. a's up 2-0 in the 4th and john jaso a little bit more offense for samardzija. brings in lowrie to make it 3- 0. samardzija impressive. one run, four hits and struck out the side here in the 7th to finish his day. a's won it 4-2. tim lincecum not another no- no against san diego but he was the padre for sure. top 3 joe panik going the opposite way and here comes speedy hunter pence to make it 2- 0. they win 5-3. they stay a half game behind the dodgers. david and victoria beckham, prince william, kate middleton wimbledon's men's final and novak djokovic beat roger federer in a five set thriller, his second wimbledon crown and seventh grand slam title. that is sports at this hour. dennis o'donnell will bring you the rest of the way later on today. giants, a's, which way you
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going? the game is at 6:30 today. i'm not saying which way -- >> no. probably a good idea. our play of the day comes from the greenbrier classic in west virginia. here's bud collins' final shot of the day. his tee shot on number 18 and what a way to finish a tournament. >> no. >> look at that. >> no! he -- >> unbelievable. >> heed it. u.s -- aced it. tom watson was the first to congratulate collie. it twiggered a $100 prize for paying customers and of course earned the play of the day honor. pretty cool. not bad. 25 minutes after 6:00. firefighters are getting a handle on the wildfire burning near lake berryessa this morning. coming up the accident that sent one cal fire employee to the hospital. >> and i'm mark kelly live at sfo. we're used to taking our shoes off but now we're going to have to turn our phones on when going through security. coming up why the tsa says we need this new rule. ,,,,
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ves in northern the murder of a teenager in yes rice legal has generated an international response. why relatives in northern california are skeptical justice will be served. and a southern california man talks about surviving a great white shark attack. lot of clouds around the bay area this morning. but it could actually be a little bit hotter. we'll talk about that coming up. and it's taking a while for tow crews to get to the scene of the accident in san ramone. one lane is blocked and how bad of a delay? we'll tell you coming up. we're glad you're able to -- aren't you glad if i was able to say this? come by this morning. it's monday, july 7th. i'm brian hackney. >> and i have to say is good morning. >> i know i made it too
6:30 am
complicated. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:29 and we're continuing to cover developing news in the south bay. this is the latest video from a two alarm fire burning inless goos to at a popular --los gatos at a popular and award- winning restaurant manresa's. matt bigler is at the scene of the fire for kcbs with an update. matt? >> reporter: yeah, this is just a devastating fire at one of -- as you mentioned, probably the most high-profile restaurants in the south bay. and one of the biggest restaurants on the entire west coast. it has two star michelin rating and take a look at what's happening right now. fire crews are still on the roof of manresa. this high-profile -- restaurant. they are chasing down whatever fire comes out of the roof. this is the kitchen area. the kitchen and service area of the restaurant. and they just want to make sure that the fire doesn't spark up again. you can see some of the waiters' uniforms there in the front. a lot of damage to you know where the magic happens here at
6:31 am
manresa. we talked to the assistant to the owner and she says that the owner is just shocked. he's been in new york for a while he's flying back from new york today understandably too try to get control of what is going on here. what we know about the fire is that it started either inside or outside the kitchen area earlier this morning and spread to a gas main. the gas main -- the gas in the main ignited and that beup obviously was -- that obviously was a concern and firefighters had to pinch or crimp that line to make sure they weren't dealing with natural gas and then attack the fire. but at that point there was a lot of damage to the kitchen area. fortunately it did not spread into the dining room. but there's some water and some smoke damage in there. again a two alarm fire that is now under investigation here at manresa. one of the arguably best restaurants in the bay area. live from the scene in los gatos, matt bigler, kcbs. >> all right matt thank you. developing now a possible threat to blow up planes forcing extra security checks at airports in europe and the
6:32 am
middle east. kpix 5's mark kelly is live at sfo. mark tsa agents are now checking all electron education devices of travelers headed to the u.s. is that right? >> reporter: that's true brian and now have to turn on all of your gadgets from the cell phone, laptops, tablets, turn it all on as you go through security. and if it's not charged and you're not able to turn it on, security might have to take it. the tsa is not revealing which airports are part of the new security measures. but we have learned they include all major airports in europe and the middle east. several travelers rushing from am -- returning from amsterdam didn't see any changes. >> did anyone ask you to power on your electronic device? >> no. >> reporter: homeland security secretary jay johnson said in a statement -- u.s. intelligence officials are concerned the westerners who have traveled to syria and iraq
6:33 am
to join fighting there may try to blow up abelian. >> i'm all for it. -- a plane. >> i'm all for it. because when you're on the plane and something happens like that they're trying to protect us. >> reporter: it was not prompted by intelligence about specific terrorist threats. now another thing they're also going to be more screening as far as your shoes go. and just to clarify, this is just for people traveling from airports in europe and the middle east to the u.s.. not the u.s. to europe. brian? >> you know mark it wasn't that long ago that it carried a laptop on board you had to turn the laptop on. it doesn't sound that much different but why changing the rule now? do you have any idea? >> reporter: there's a lot of back and forth. security officials very adamant that there's not a specific terrorist threat there. with any of this. but of course there is some concern that al-qaeda has some sort of bomb plot but they're saying no specific threat at
6:34 am
this time. live at sfo, mark kelly, kpix 5. we're following developing news from central america where a major earthquake turned deadly this morning. a magnitude 7.1 quake hit along the pacific coast near the border of mexico and guatemala. at least two deaths have been reported in guatemala. the quake hit this morning at 4:23 our time and that was 6:23 at the epicenter. it was felt strongly in the mexican states. one person was taken to the hospital after an accident on the fire lines near lake berryessa. a cal fire bulldozer rolled over but the operator is going to be okay. state route 128 is closed west of winters because of the monticello fear. cal fire revised the acreage to about 6500 down from 7,000. the fire is 30% contained. three injuries have been reported due to the fire. and the nearby butts fire in napa county is 85%
6:35 am
contained. it burned 4300 acres and destroyed two homes in the pope valley area. fire crews are still checking for hot spots. but all road closures and evacuations have been lifted. all right, it's 6:35 this morning. i'm -- very interested in today only because finally there's something distinct and unique happening that hasn't been happening lately. >> yeah and you know we're seeing the monsoonal clouds moving across the skies. we were talking we're -- for the lightning storm of course you don't want that with the fear possibilities and i don't think we're going to get it. looks like some of the monsoonal clouds moving overhead and yeah those temperatures are going to be getting hot in spots but clouds out near the coastline, keep things much cooler there. almost 40 degrees cooler today as we'll see the patchy fog continuing. 60s out toward the beaches and still see some triple digit heat well inland. 70s and 80s inside the bay. partly cloudy into the afternoon. here's a look at some of the clouds outside right now. we've got patchy fog down below. 50s and some 60s up above some of the monsoonal clouds continuing to move on by. still going to be a hot one in
6:36 am
the livermore valley. 87 san rafael and 67 degrees in san francisco. time for a road check for that with elizabeth. thank you lawrence and things are getting backed up fast at the wage toll plaza -- bay bridge toll plaza. the usual stuff right now trying to get into san francisco from the east bay. but we have a worse than usual drive time sadly on the east shore freeway. check out that drive time at the bottom of your screen. it's in the red can it's because of an earlier crash approaching cunning boulevard. now clear, but we are seeing those backups through the pinol area 19, 11 miles an hour. east shore freeway commute is rough going between pinol and richmond. an accident there still blocking one lane in san ramone. it's going to be about 45 minutes to get that lane cleared. southbound 680 approaching crow canyon. just some slight delays right now heading out of danville. that's your latest kcbs traffic. brian michelle back to you guys. thanks. new details on the viral video
6:37 am
of a woman being pummeled by a chp officer. she's been identified as marlene pinnock of los angeles. the officer says that she ignored his orders to stay away from a busy freeway and he was trying to take her into custody to protect her. that officer is on administrative leave. the woman is in a medical facility under an involuntary psychiatric hold. family mens are mourning the death of abu khdeir in jerusalem. it shows him dancing at a recent family wedding with this video. six jewish suspects have been arrested for the apparent kidnapping and murder of the palestinian teenager. preliminary autopsy results show he had been burned to death. >> and i was praying that he had died before they lit him on firement then the autopsy shows he's got smoke in his lungs. so he was breathing the whole time he was on fire. he was alive when he was being burned to death. >> the family is planning a
6:38 am
rally today outside the federal building in sacramento. israel's prime minister says justice will be done. netanyahu says he don't differentiate between the terrorists and we will respond to all of them. three people were killed when a small plane crashed in riverside county. that happened about 9:20 yesterday morning near lake else nor in the santa ana mountains. the plane reportedly clipped a tree breaking off its wing and fell into a ravine. when crews reached the wreckage, they found three bodies inside. the crash triggered a small brush fire that was quickly put out. officials are trying to determine where the plane came from. and people were screaming in southern california's manhattan beach because of a seven foot long danger in the water. >> get out of the water! shark. get out of the water. >> the shark went after a man who had been swimming in the ocean all his life. that says that he's planning to stay out of the water from now on. the shark went right at him. >> and i'm looking at this
6:39 am
shark eye to eye. just right here. and -- and at that very moment, i was fighting for my life. >> the shark turned away after the victim grabbed its nose. several other swimmers and surfers were able to help get the victim out of the water. and apparently he's okay this morning. time now is 6:39. more than a month after california's primary elections, one of the big statewide races is still undecided. the battle over a possible recount coming up. >> and the oakland a's lead the major leagues with six all- stars who made the cut and who will have to watch from home. ,,,,
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6:42 am
a whole lot of clouds to start the day, temperatures going to be cool out toward the beaches with some patchy fog. 60s there. a mixed bag inside the bay. some sun and a few clouds and warm temperatures, 70s and
6:43 am
somable 0 -- some 80s and even some 90s in morgan hill and goal roy this afternoon. now -- gilroy this afternoon. now really going to hot up into the east bay. the temperatures could soar to triple digits in places like antioch into brentwood. close in livermore this afternoon. about 95 degrees in danville. about 94 in walnut creek. and 93 degrees in ma raga. in the north bay the temperatures on the hot side. 103 in yucaipa. 103 clear lake. in towards san francisco, should be a cool 67 degrees. all righty thank you lawrence. time now for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. good morning. >> good morning to you brian and michelle. ahead new questions about the georgia father charged with murder after leaving his toddler in a hot suv. legal analyst is going to join us with how his wife might soon be charged. plus, the future of hotels. the ceo of marriott is going to join us here in studio 57 on how he's dealing with
6:44 am
competition from airbnb. and how marriott is going high-tech. and then it may be the only job that requires experience in smoking marijuana. that's right you heard me. barry peterson is going to take us inside the new kind of journalism spawned by legalization. men who smoke and tell. the news is back in the morning and we'll see you at 7:00 and hope you guys have a great weekend. >> all right we hope you do too. thanks. well, stocks started today's session in record territory. as you know. but from there they quickly headed south. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning, thanks so only green shoots in the economy we saw a record close for the stock market last thursday. the dow finishing about 17,000 for the first time. the s&p only 15 points away from hitting 2,000 for the first time. mainly propelled on thursday by that june jobs report from the labor department. citing a very solid gain of 288,000 jobs by the economy lowering the unemployment rate down to 6.1%.
6:45 am
fairly quiet day today economically. reporting -- earnings week kicks off tomorrow with alcoa, wells fargo reports later this week. corporate earnings will be key in seeing whether or not we can keep the stock market performing at the record run it's currently on. market is pulling back this morning after hitting those highs. some profit taking on. let's take a look at the big board and see how we're doing in the early going right now the dow lower by about 62 points staying just above 17,000 right now. the nasdaq is dropping 13 and the s&p is off by 6. michelle and brian back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs news. thanks. well, the best team in the major leagues is right here in the bay area. >> and the oakland a's are sending more players to next week's all-star game than any other team in the majors. the a's have six all-stars. the most since the wonderful year of 1975. josh donaldson will start at third. cespedes, brandon moss, derek norris, scott kazmir, and sean
6:46 am
doolittle are all reserves, madison bumgarner is also going. also going to minnesota is hunter pence. he is a .301 average with 11 home runs and going to the all- star game for the third time is pence. festivities start a week from tonight with the home run derby. >> should be exciting. >> nice. we think so. it's now 6:46. time for a medal update. >> hey guys i want to take you back out to fremont. fremont police still very hard at work trying to clear the scene of this overnight crash. resulted in serious injuries to the driver of that truck. you've there crashed into a -- see there crashed into a tree. and a stretch of the paseo padre parkway remains closed for at least another 15 minutes. but it could be closer to 8 can this morning. -- 8:00 this morning. that stretch is closed with the parkway between sequoia and peralta. and again the investigation out there continues. let's show you some drive times now. around the east bay, westbound 580 very slow to the livermore valley. and that east shore freeway
6:47 am
commute a mess. 36 minutes right now from the carquinez bridge to the maze. but the bulk of the show traffic -- slow traffic the between heck advise and -- is between hercules and richmond. slow going from at least highway 4. well below 20 miles per hour in some sots. through the valley the heaviest traffic 205 to north livermore and then clearing out a little bit closer to the interchange. a lot of fog and it is -- really thick across the golden gate. all right a check of the forecast. here he is a lawrence. really interesting. we've got enough of a sea breeze with the cloud deck really not that thick. so it's compressed near the coastline and really dense fog there. some mid to high level clouds and monsoonal moisture sweeping on through. that coming from the east and headed back to the coastline. so a lot going on today in the atmosphere. up above by the afternoon, i think we'll call it partly cloudy. we'll see some patchy fog near the coastline some cooler temperatures there. but getting hot inland with a few high passing clouds. cooler weather for everybody in
6:48 am
the middle of the week, but it's going to break down with some hot weather in the valleys today. that fog continuing along the coastline and enough of a sea breeze there to keep you almost 40 degrees cooler. temperatures in the central valley 101 sacramento today. 107 in fresno. slight which is of some thunderstorms in the sierra nevada. the so watch out for that. otherwise yeah the clouds lingering near the beaches today. and really not breaking up very much. you can continue to see the mid to high level cloud moving on and off throughout the day. looks like we'll see that and a very nice sun rides today and a sunset tonight. temperatures still hot away from the coastline. 60s at the beaches but you head well inland about 100 in antioch. 102 brentwood and about 9 # degrees pleasant hill. into san francisco today enough of a sea breeze to keep you cool. 67 kegs but about 88 in santa rosa. next couple of days watch the temperatures starting to cool down and back to normal on wednesday, thursday and friday. heating up again over the weekend. that's the latest forecast guys back to you. thank you. last week betty declared
6:49 am
victory over john perez in the democratic primary for state comptroller. >> turns out though that declaration may have been a little bit premature. melissa griffin cane has more on the issue. tell us al about it. >> we are headed for a good old fashions recount. -- fashioned recountment very excited. the final numbers are in for the state comptroller's race and they show ashley swearingen as a first place finner and just a handful of votes separating yee and perez. perez and yee each wants to be the person who run against swearingen in the general election in november. and while yee is the winner so far by 481 votes, yesterday perez called for a recount. well, california is a big state so how does a recount work here? >> well, many things when it comes to politics, california's a little weird. there's good news and bad news. so the good news is any person can call for a recount in any election. the bad news is, if you call for recount, you have the pay
6:50 am
for it. and -- to pay for it. and that's what happens happening here if you're paying for the recount it makes sense that you would want to target that recount in a particular place where you think you're going to get more votes. so that's what perez has done here. he has chosen 15 counties and he thinks he can pick up votes there and he beat betty yee in all of the counties. i'll make a note here. he doesn't necessarily have to complete the recount and also seeing the counties you can see there. that's concentrated in the south where he's got good name rex in addition. doesn't have to -- recognition. doesn't have to complete all 15 counties of the revote and could decide after doing handful of counties he's going to stop theory count or -- recount or maybe find enough votes to declare victory. that's where he's planning to go. it's about two million votes total. >> if he pays for the recount in the counties where he's doing well anyway, let's say he finds enough votes to win. what does yee do? >> she -- could have a recount of her own. she could -- [ laughter ] she could find counties in the
6:51 am
northern part of california for example right here in san francisco, where she did really well. and demand her own recount. now this recount war would be really fun for people like me. but if you're the democratic party, it would be really bad because these recounts are very expensive. let's assume perez does the recount in all 15 counties and it could cost around $3 million. then yee pays for her own recount. they will have less money to spend on campaigning against the republican candidate in november. so again -- fun for me. not so much for the democratic party. >> how long is it going to take? >> it could take several months and that's where it gets complicated. in the first week of september that's when the ballots for people who are overseas start going out. if their recounts is running up to september it's going to create some problems for printing the balls and -- ballots and getting them out in time for the november election. >> interesting i know. we'll see what happens. thanks. time now 6:51. and a lifeguard dies in newport
6:52 am
beach for the first time ever. coming up how a rescue attempt took a terrible turn. >> and i'm mark kelly live at sfo. tsa has a new rule now for all of your electronic gadgets. coming up, we'll explain what passengers need to know this rule. ,, ♪ ♪ ,, thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first.
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whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at trial conn marathon bombi five things to know now at the :55. opening statements begin today in the first trial connected to the boston marathon momming. a friend -- bombing. a friend of bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is accused of removing items from his dorm room in the wake of last year's attack. he's the first of four friends charged with helping tsarnaev and his brother after the bombing. at least six jewish suspects are in custody in connection with the murder of a
6:56 am
palestinian teenager last week. palestinians say the 16-year- old was killed in retaliation for the death of three israeli teens last month. the violence sparked protests throughout the region. parts of the midwest are bracing for more storms today as many as 11 tornadoes that's one of them, were reported in iowa yesterday. storm chasers caught this one about 60 miles northwest of cedar rapids. so far -- boy that is a classic looking tornado. no injuries have been reported so far. the trial over the future of the l.a. clippers begins today. shelly sterling wants to tell the team to steve ballmer. her estranged husband and clippers' principle own redound sterling maintains she doesn't have the authority to sell. a two aharm fire devastated -- alarm fire denver straited manresa restaurant inless goos to. the --los gatos. at one point, the flames were fed by a broken gas line. crews were able to shut down the line. firefighters remain at the
6:57 am
restaurant putting out hot spots. and trying to figure out what caused the fire. i'm mark kill live at sfo. -- kelly live at sfo. tsa is concerned this morning that al-qaeda and trying to make -- is trying to make a bomb that current security cannot detect. so that means there's now a new tsa rule. and it means that passengers will now have to turn on all electronic gadgets, laptops, ipads all of that before going through security. now this new rule doesn't apply to all passengers. it specifically is for people flying from major airports in the middle east and europe back into the u.s.. that's important to know. u.s. intelligence officials are concerned that westerners who have traveled to syria and iraq to join the fighting there may try to blow up a plane. this latest rule takes a good deal of effort to implement. a lot -- of course a lot of coordination with foreign airports and tsa. but homeland security says it's well worth it. >> our job is to -- is to try
6:58 am
to anticipate the next attack, not simply react to the last one. and so we continually evaluate the world situation and we know that there remains a terrorist threat to the united states and aviation security is a large part of that. >> i'm all for it. because when you're on the plane and something happens like that, they're trying to protect us. >> so it's going to be extra important to make sure you have all your electronic gear charged before you head to one of these foreign airports because if you can't turn on any of your electronics, two things are going to happen. one, you're going to have to go through additional screening and two, security could actually take all your electronics. no one wants that to happen. live at sfo, mark kelly, kpix 5. and a final kcbs traffic check. the delays are getting worse instead of better right now coming along the east shore freeway. earlier accident in richmond and the delays now extend into hercules. 19 miles per hour as you pass highway 4. all lanes are back open but the drive time there
6:59 am
is about a -- at the bottom of the screen. 38 minutes from the bridge to the maze and you are backed up for a good 20 minutes to getten to the bay bridge. this is a live look at the milpitas cam. 880, 237. >> yeah. >> it's our spider who's made a little home if you look at the upper corner of your screen. we should nickname him. you've mention mentioned him before -- mentioned him before. he's been there for a while now. >> starting the web cam. >> he can be cam. >> that's cam the spider. >> i like that brew i can't believe. nobody else got that. i was with you brian on that one. around the bay area today low clouds and fog. some dense fog along the coastline. mid to high level clouds up above. temperatures by the afternoon getting hot in spots inland and 90s even some triple digits into antioch and brentwood. you'll see cool 60s out toward the coastline and everybody starts to cool things down though as we head in toward the middle of the week guys. >> be the way lawrence we all got it. >> did you? >> i thought you were hilarious brian. >> thanks for watching everyone. >> bye bye. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
7:00 am ] captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it's july 7, 2014. the heated immigration battle returns to washington as kids continue to stream across the border. blade runner oscar pistorius re-enacts the deadly shooting of his girl friend. plus, a great white shark attacks. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> traveling to the united states, there is a chance that you could be asked to prove that your mobile phone, your tablet is indeed a functioning device. >> the u.s. ramps up security.


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